my name is Nick, nice to meet you.

I am a programmer, a web developer, a video maker, and, most importantly, a poor student at Kazan Federal University (that’s Russia). I work, ergo, I do all of the above for money and/or food.


I wrote my first program at the age of 11 and quickly realized, that this will be a great long-term hobby for me. Since then, I code here and there, advancing my projects to the point, where they will be finished. Some of them even were and they already have got their portion of acceptance.

Skills: Java Electron Android Windows Git JetBrains IDEs

What I've coded


Websites are easier to make. That is why I love them. However, creating websites becomes one thing for me — creating laconic, but utterly similar webpages. It is pretty fun though. A nice anti-stress toy.

Skills: HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Sass Bootstrap

What I've done

What I've done


Making videos is by far my longest affection. Being a child, I loved imagining that I was a successful filmmaker. Not much has changed — now I love imagining that I am a successful youtuber.

Skills: Final Cut Pro X Motion Adobe Premiere Pro

(Best,) that I've shot

Something else

I love trying to exceed my limits and constantly am on a search of something new that I havent tried yet. Writing books and poems, composing music, doing city environment design — I’ve done it all. Is it good? No. Am I embarrassed by it? Also no.

Skills: N/A

What I (also) do

What I (also) do


I am always available via a ton of different networks, messengers and all that with the @nickkaramoff username. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t recommend contacting me via anything toher than the social networks mentioned below. And email, of course, how could you leave that out.

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